In collaboration with Calvin Klein, Heron and a number of great teams, we crafted a collection designed for real people. Our role encompassed concept and creative direction for the global launch campaign, lookbook, site experience, docu-series, and more.

Amid the cultural shifts of 2020-21 and Heron Preston's historic role at Calvin Klein, our strategic insight was clear: Heron designed this collection for real people—beautiful, sexy, weird, and everything in between. Our campaign celebrated authentic personalities in relatable situations, with matter-of-fact messaging.

The cast featured friends, collaborators, and icons like Nas and Stevie Williams, all with true connections to Heron. The campaign's extensive output included over 20 films, countless stills, murals, and more.

"The Making of" Documentary [Watch on Youtube]

Heron Preston for Calvin Klein redefined brand collaboration, merging streetwear, luxury, and culture under one vision. Our partnership brought together Feel's unique perspective, wide-ranging capabilities, and artistic execution across platforms. The collection and campaign's success underscored the power of blending simplicity with depth, proving that genuine connections and thoughtful design can transform fashion narratives. This project illustrates our commitment to creating impactful work that resonates with diverse audiences and sets new standards in the industry. Heartfelt thanks to the numerous talented people who made this project possible, both behind the scenes and in front.