What is Feel?

Feel is a brand studio. As your creative partner, we craft strategies, identities, campaigns, and digital experiences that blend artistry with commercial success. Our goal is to simplify modern brand building.

Who hires Feel?

Our clients range from independent artists and startups to global brands across all industries, drawn to our aesthetic expertise and perspective. They value our efficiency, quality, and artistry as we guide the brand-building process with humility and clarity.

How does Feel work?

When you engage with Feel, you work directly with Korey and Shawn. Collaborators are added to the mix when necessary. This model consistently delivers results that exceed those of traditional agencies and studios, where work is often delegated away from senior leaders.

Our approach emphasizes simplicity and collaboration, asking our clients to commit to being involved in the work and strategic thinking. Feel services, tailored to your needs, include project-based work, retainers, and subscriptions. We leverage our network and optimize processes to enhance your ROI with a focus on strategic creativity.

What does Feel cost?

Our pricing is customized based on project scope, timing, and strategic goals. Open to various budgets and alternatives like equity, we aim for fair pricing that fosters mutual success.

Why Feel?

We strip back the unnecessary, focusing on what truly matters to your brand. By working directly with Korey and Shawn, you gain access to over 30 years of combined expertise. Our impact rivals that of a big agency, without the overhead. Our expertise spans fashion, art, and digital, allowing us to work seamlessly across disciplines. Inspired by art and pop culture, we strive to create authentic work that connects with communities and transcends mere marketing.

Where are you based?

Originally located in Chinatown, NY, Feel is now fully remote with a Columbus, OH home base. Our Midwest presence reinforces our unconventional perspective and pragmatic approach, providing tangible benefits to our clients globally.

How do I work with Feel?

Interested in partnering? Let's chat. Start by emailing us. If you know Korey or Shawn personally, reaching out directly is also welcome.