2014 - 2015

In our collaboration with Helmut Lang's internal team, we reimagined the brand by distilling its iconic essence—function, discretion, sexuality, irreverence—and its storied product line to resonate anew.

Our joint strategy revitalized Helmut Lang's identity, starting with its most recognizable symbol: the logo. Honoring the brand's legacy while steering it forward, we merged historical typefaces with the expertise of renowned typographer Hannes Famira to craft a unique, modern logo.

This refreshed logo guided our comprehensive direction across Helmut Lang’s entire ecosystem—campaigns, spaces, products, packaging, and digital presence.

CFW15 Campaign. Photographed by Christine Corey.

SS15 Campaign. Photographed by Scott Trindle, Styled by Jason Rider.

HR15 Campaign Photographed by Marton Perlaki

Looking back on our collaboration with Helmut Lang nearly a decade ago, it's clear the foundation we built together still resonates. Despite the brand's evolution under new leadership, the core of what we created together endures, highlighting our work as not only a milestone in brand building but also as a precursor to the digital and social media era that defines our world today. This work was ahead of its curve, embodying a vision that anticipated the future of luxury brand expression and interaction. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone at Helmut Lang who shared in this endeavor. Your contributions have left an indelible mark.